Different uniform, same purple.

I know that I’m supposed to be excited for November 1st to roll around. And I am. (It’s the first official day of indoor track.) But honestly, I’m just too fired up for the fall seasons this year to get myopically focused on November 1.  For a number of reasons, this fall is unlike any other I’ve ever experienced.  And hopefully the start of many to come.

Last fall, I watched my first NESCAC football game since 2000 when I was a student. Not because of a lack of desire.  It was simply my first season not coaching XC in 13 years.  Sadly, last year was more dominated by adjusting to a new office, a new home, and many new faces to be able to get fully invested in the games.  I wasn’t in a space to truly be the fan that I wanted to be.

I hadn’t even had the opportunity to connect with all our multi-sport athletes who suit up for Williams year-round.  They were sadly just names on the roster I inherited.  I’d shoot them good luck or congratulatory messages throughout the fall, but who was I?  I was just a name on a roster.  We had no history.

This year is totally different. Between the six football players, two soccer players, and entire XC squad, most of our T&F roster will be in a uniform this fall. And, this time around, I know these guys. We’ve worked together. We’ve suited up together. They’ve had my back and I’ve had theirs. We’ve set goals and gone and got them. That changes everything.

I’m not out their supporting a name on a roster. I’m out there supporting a teammate. And it feels so much better.

So, although I’ve been thinking about November 1st pretty much since the plane ride home from Nationals last spring, I’m fully immersed in the present moment. November will come, soon enough. No need for me to rush it. For now, there’s plenty of purple and gold to go out and enjoy.

See you at the pitch.


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