Off track is on-track.

After a year at Williams, I’ve realized that one of my favorite things about being here is that I’m more than just a track coach. It’s made me feel more tied in to the community as a whole. It makes me feel like less of a stranger as I walk through campus and see so many more familiar faces.

I’m the Game Manager for volleyball. A duty that I share with the softball team. Really, they do all the work as announcers, statisticians, line judges, ball women. I’m just here to make sure the crowd doesn’t get too rowdy. So far, so good. But it connects me to two other teams and many other athletes.

I teach a Women’s Power Lifting class which has become one of the best parts of my week. I get to watch as women who have never entered the weight room before go from not knowing where to put their feet in a squat to loading up the bar with more than they ever thought they’d lift.


This class is great because it connects me with the non-varsity athlete side of campus. I love running into my students on campus and seeing them in the dining hall. Selfishly, it reminds me that now I’m more than just a coach.

I play pick up basketball with professors. You’d be amazed at the silky, smooth post moves that exist in the Williams physics department. I haven’t gotten to the point of trash talking with professors yet. Maybe I’ll save that for year three.


I guess while we’re at it, I most commonly introduce myself as Echo and Tenacious’ father. They easily know more people in Williamstown than I do.   It just makes thing’s easier.

Long story, short. I really like that I’m not just Coach Barron. I’ve always preached that it’s important to have a balance of life. But I haven’t always been the best at living that way for myself. I feel as though I’m getting better at it. And that it’s making me a better coach in the process.


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