Mealtime Banter

I miss the conversations. As I think back, that’s probably the only thing that I truly miss about college. Please don’t misconstrue that to mean that I didn’t have an amazing four years of college. I did. But, in most cases, I’ve been able to improve on any college experience post-collegiately.

Conversations, however, are harder to come by. They’re everywhere in college. Meals, classes, workouts, dorms, and anytime you’re walking between. You’re surrounded by people in the same phase of life as you with so much time to sit and talk. In fact, that’s your purpose most of the time. To just sit and talk.

Nowadays, my wife and I have to find an evening that is also free for some of our friends, invite them over, corral the kids, cook, and then hope that the kids permit us to have 10-15min of conversation time at some point throughout the evening. It probably happens once or twice a month if we’re focused on it and lucky.

In college, all you have to do is walk to you neighbors door and say, “Hey, you wanna grab dinner?” Done and done.

I don’t really have a solution for this. And I’m honestly not complaining. My current situation makes me value the real conversations that I get to have all the more. I just wish I really knew what I had when I was in college. I would have enjoyed the moment a little more.

When I’m eating in the dining hall these days, I look around at everyone immersed in conversations on everything from Machiavelli to fantasy football. Being surround by people who push you and challenge your way of seeing the world is something I miss.

Granted, maybe I have it more than I think. It just isn’t so overt as deep philosophical conversations. Echo and T-Bone definitely challenge my way of seeing the world. They’re stripped-down view of the world with happiness as a #1 priority helps keep me in perspective. And I’m sure I constantly push their views of the world too.

Seems odd that I replaced a campus full of people my own age with a 2 and 5-year-old. Yet the effect is similar.


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